Easiest Marijuana Strains to Grow

Posted December 27, 2020 By Jay

As a cannabis grower, you probably know how much patience and commitment it takes to be successful. Fortunately, there are several easy marijuana strains to grow that you can choose from. Why is it important, though? 

Especially for beginner growers, picking easy marijuana strains to grow ensures genetics that are more forgiving and easily attainable, while offering high yields and good quality. Known to demand less in comparison to more stubborn strains, easy marijuana strains to grow will help you along your own growing journey.  

Some strains are more resilient to drought, mold, and disease. Others require less nutrients. Let’s look at a few of these easy marijuana strains to grow, based on several factors.  

Easy Marijuana Strains to Grow based on Several Factors 

In this article, we cherry-picked some of the best and easy marijuana strains to grow, based on the four main qualities discussed in more details below.  

Easy to Grow Strains 

Of course, this is priority no. 1! Having a more forgiving cannabis plant to grow helps reduce a lot of time and effort in tending to it, as well as fewer expenses. As such, this refers to plants from strain families that are particularly resistant to any type of stress. The following strains are specially bred to be easy to grow, and thus, are highly immune to various stresses that could affect them: 
- Blue Dream 
- Blue Cheese 
- Northern Lights 

For each of the above, we will give a more in-depth description in the next section, and explain why these strains have been chosen as our top three easy marijuana strains to grow. 

Easy, High Yield Strains 

For some, the most important trait of a marijuana plant, besides is its growth rate and general growing resiliency, is to specifically produce a lot of flowers. Growers will never get frustrated with these strains when it’s time to harvest! Here are some of the most prominent examples of fairly easy to grow marijuana strains. 
- Utopia Haze 
Wonder Woman 
Pure Power Plant       

Other Fast-Growing Strains 

Logically, fast-growing cannabis is directly related to easy-growing cannabis. Fast-growing cannabis provides buds at the shortest possible time, and thus it falls under our main category of easy cannabis strains to grow. This quality is desirable to growers, as when it comes to harvest time, there is nothing quite like auto-flowering strains. With these, we can collect the buds within 6-9 weeks from planting; 
- Auto Lemon OG Haze 
- Auto Sour Diesel 
Blue Automizer  
- Green Crack 

More High-potency Strains  

Some strains possess so much potency that they have been awarded a few Cannabis Cup awards. Subsequently, these strains go on to become best-sellers and gain a popular reputation. Some award-winning plants that enjoy legendary status include a few high-potency strains. If potency is what you’re after, in addition to easy growing, you might want to try these Cannabis Cup winners that we can all enjoy growing indoors. 
Gorilla Glue #4 
- Jack Herer 
- Sour Diesel 
- White Widow 

Blue DreamThe all-in-one Dream Cannabis Strain  

When it comes to easy marijuana strains to grow, Blue Dream isn’t called a dream for nothing. Based on the factors discussed above, Blue Dream fulfils all four needs and hence becomes the dream for cannabis growers of all experience. Thriving even in the presence of typical cannabis plant issues such as mold and root rot, Blue Dream is a true dream to grow. 

In addition, its effects strike a nice balance between physical sedation and a mellow, blissful high. These light-footed qualities make Blue Dream a keen choice for daytime relief of aches, pains, and negative moods. Seeds of this California-bred hybrid are not difficult to find, thanks to the strain’s widespread popularity. With the sweet smell of berries, this Sativa-dominant strain is the perfect daytime treat in addition to being easy to grow. 

Evidently, Blue Dream is number one on our list of easy marijuana strains to grow, for a few good reasons. One of the most popular among consumers and growers, Blue Dream is said to be great strain for novice growers. The strain is also high-yielding and has a short flowering time of 7-9 weeks.  

This classic all-rounder of a strain undoubtedly has a lot to offer to any consumer and grower insomuch as being as a quick bloomer, high-yielder with high potency, plus the added bonus enticing berry flavors and smells. 

Blue Cheese & Northern Lights in 2nd and 3rd place 

Blue Cheese was bred by Big Buddha Seeds as a stable cross between Blueberry and Cheese strains. It develops prime, dense indica buds with a nice cross blueberry fruity flavor. These plants grow thick and robust are easy to grow indoors, in your greenhouse or outdoors. This lady finished quick, too.  

In terms of resilience, Blue Cheese shows good mold and mildew resistance for an indica, and its fast-flowering time is one reason why outdoors growers in cold climates love this strain so much. The buds have a light blue-greenish color, they have grade A bag appeal and the ultimate quality cannabis smell. A winner for all seasons. 

Northern Lights accounts for a huge portion of genetics in hybrid cannabis strains today, along with other fundamental breeders like Skunk and Haze. Sensi Seeds’ Northern Lights have been selectively bred by crossing original NL-1, NL-2, and NL-5 genetics, which were literally at one point, the only pure Northern Lights cultivars in existence.  

Northern Lights are awarded their status for setting the standard for all other indica strains the be judged on. Growing to the very epitome of cannabinoid expressions – Northern Lights produce compact, fast flowering plants filled with dense, sparkling resin-soaked buds that give powerful and desirable effects.  

Different Strokes for Different Growing Folks 

Nothing guarantees a successful marijuana growth quite like starting out with the best genetics. And equally important, is putting all of your effort into easy cannabis strains to grow when it comes to cultivating cannabis. Thorough consideration is needed to choose the right one to get the most power for the punch. As discussed in the article, different strains have different qualities. Some grow fast while others are supremely adaptable.  

There are also strains that produce dense buds, while others contain a higher level of THC. Since strains vary, it is then up to us, the growers, to find the best one that matches our personal needs and preferences. Following this route significantly reduces disappointments and aligns expectations.

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