Kush Seeds Mixpack


  • Hindu Kush feminized
  • Master Kush feminized
  • Bubba Kush feminized
  • A high-value seed variety pack!
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results


Indica lovers will adore the Kush Mixpack, as it includes three strains that are at least 90% indica. It begins with the mother of all Kush varieties, Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush is beloved everywhere, and its children strains are as well – these strains include Master Kush and Bubba Kush.

All three of these varieties will boost your mood and relax your body, doing an excellent job of treating stress or depression. They are also hardy plants, making them relatively easy to grow, and with their awesome effects, you will feel finely rewarded for your efforts. Give the Kush Mixpack a try!

Hindu Kush 

Hindu Kush is a strain of marijuana originating in the mountains of Afghanistan. This was not an easy place for a marijuana plant to thrive, so Hindu Kush evolved to be a hardy plant. Hindu Kush is 100% indica and has low CBD levels and 18% THC, making it an excellent strain for calming down and relieving stress.

People often smoke Hindu Kush because they want to be able to drop off into a peaceful slumber without difficulty. For that reason, it works wonders for those suffering from insomnia. In addition to that, it is often used to treat stress, depression, anxiety, nausea, a lack of appetite, and various physical pains (including muscle pain and migraines).

Its flavor is earthy, pungent, and some even describe a bit of flowers and pine. Its scent isn't subtle in the slightest, and its taste includes a bit of sweetness and spiciness. Smoking Hindu Kush will make you think of camping in the woods or mountain climbing.

Because its homeland is warm and dry, Hindu Kush grows best in similar climates. It becomes short and bushy and is therefore good for smaller indoor areas. Beginners generally don't have much problem growing Hindu Kush, and the yield is good: 14 ounces per square meter for indoor grow setups and 17 ounces per plant for outdoor setups.

Plant type 100% Indica
THC Up to 18%
Difficulty Easy
Climate Indoors
Plant size Average
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Earthy | Sweet

Master Kush 

Master Kush is a descendant of the Hindu Kush strain, although it has a tiny fraction of sativa genes (5% to 10%). It's not entirely known how it was made, but it is believed that either two types of Hindu Kush are the parents, or else Hindu Kush and Skunk #1. In any case, it has two Cannabis Cup awards under its belt so far.

THC levels in Master Kush can be as high as 24%, giving it a unique and powerful high. When you smoke Master Kush, you will be simultaneously calm in your body and happy in your mind (but not in a mentally heavy way). It also has about 1% CBD (which is high), making it a good medicinal strain. It helps treat depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, lack of appetite, muscle spasms, and more.

Master Kush is an easy to moderate grow that can do well indoors and outdoors. Ideally, the climate will be tropical, warm, and sunny. It's unlikely that this hardy plant is going to develop any mold or have any pest issues. If you grow indoors, you can count on getting around 14 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter of plant. If outdoors, you can expect around 18 ounces per plant.

Plant type 95% Indica 5% Sativa
THC Up to 18%
CBD Medium
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors and sunny climate
Plant size Compact
Flowers 9 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Citrus | Earthy
Effects Relaxed

Bubba Kush

Another 100% indica strain, Bubba Kush is a big hit in California and beyond. Its exact parentage is unknown, but Hindu Kush is definitely involved, and Northern Lights or a New Orleans indica could be another one of the parents. It stems back to the mid-90s and does great in the recreational scene as well as the medical scene.

Bubba Kush is known for being an excellent mood booster. Imagine feeling down in the dumps and needing just a few puffs of some herb to turn your entire mood around – that's what Bubba Kush can do for you. It is best known for helping with stress as well as depression, insomnia, or bodily pains.

Even the scent of Bubba Kush is a mood brightener, invigorating the senses in a caffeine kind of way. It even smells a bit like coffee and roasted nuts mixed with pine and earthiness. The taste is similar, although it includes some spice and chocolate notes as well.

Bubba Kush is the most challenging in this mixpack in terms of growing, but it is only moderately difficult. You can easily get a very successful yield by growing it indoors in a controlled environment. You'll yield 14 ounces of bud per square meter of plant indoors, or 17 ounces per plant outdoors.

Plant type 100% Indica
THC Up to 22%
Difficulty Moderate
Climate Indoors
Plant size Average
Flowers 8 weeks
Yields 14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft
Taste & Smell Chocolate | Coffee | Earthy | Sweet


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